Lotus Land Tattoo: Vancouver's Friendly Custom Tattoo Shop
Thank you again to all of you, who have been so supportive throughout January, up until now. Losing Jimmy was unexpected to say the least, and the shop will not be the same without him.

Ashley and Eric are tattooing at the shop full-time. Ryan Jack (from East Van Ink), is tattooing with us every two weeks, and working on some of Jimmy's larger pieces and cover-ups.

We recently just finished a two week fundraiser, " Less Stroking More Poking", which was both in honour of Jimmy, and an initiative to benefit the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Two weeks of Valentine's Day flash tattoos flew by, and though we are waiting on final numbers, the fundraiser was a grand success!

Spring holds new projects and collaborations...standby for announcements.

Until then...
Hello all,
Apologies for never updating. We are currently in the middle of revamping our website and other things such as Facebook and Twitter, so bear with us!
Our social media may be in the works but come down and see us in person!
Summer is finally here! Join us on FB for sweet opportunities!
Yes, it's a new and lovely season. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. Because of this the LLT crew is in an exceptionally great mood. Follow us on facebook so you can keep your eye open for some cool summer deals, for example Ashley Doherty just finished up doing $13 tattoos on Friday May the 13th.

All sweet offers are posted on our page when they come up, so join us, cause we're pretty impulsive with this stuff ;)

Ashley Doherty and Chelsea Chernobyl will be tattooing at the PNE forum for the west coast convention from April 15th-17th. Join us, and bathe in awesome.